MyoPro vs Recovapro Se: Which is Best?

If a massage gun is currently at the top of your workout wishlist then you’ve got a big decision to make. Since pneumatic percussion technology exploded onto the fitness recovery scene, countless products have flooded the market. If you’re taking your recovery seriously, and you should be, then you need the best possible massage gun at a price that won’t hurt more than a bad case of DOMS.

To help you make the right decision we’ve compared MyoMaster’s premium massage gun, the MyPro, to the Recovapro Se.

Which Massage Gun is the Right One For Me?

Looking across three key areas;  stall force, massage heads and price, it’s clear that the MyoPro is head and shoulders above the Recovapro Se. Let's delve deeper.

Stall Force

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, what truly makes a difference to your recovery is power. And as per usual the MyoPro comes out on top. Offering 60lbs of stall force to the Recovapro Se’s 50lb. Remember, stall force is the amount of force it takes to stop the motor, so the higher the stall force the more power you can exert. 

Massage Heads

Your body is made up of hundreds of different muscles and ligaments and thousands of tendons, all of different shapes and sizes. So it stands to reason that you’ll need an array of different attachments for your massage gun so you can target tightness and pain wherever it strikes. Unfortunately with only five massage heads, the Recovapro Se simply doesn’t offer you the variation you need. The MyoPro, on the other hand, gives you eight massage heads as standard.



Pneumatic massage guns are premium recovery products often used by professional athletes. That means that they don’t come cheap. But it is still possible to  get a high quality product for a fair price. At £359 Recovapro’s massage gun is £160 more expensive than the MyoPro, but offers less stall force and fewer massage heads. This decision is a no brainer.

Ready to commit to the best recovery of your life? Order your MyoPro today.