MyoPro Vs Pulseroll Pro: Which is Best?

If you’re currently shopping for your first ever muscle massage gun then you need as much information as possible. Pneumatic percussion technology is used by athletes who know that recovery is just as important as training, especially if marginal gains is what sets the competition apart. And if the quality of your recovery technology is whats between you and the finish line performance of your dreams, then you don’t want to make the wrong choice. Luckily, to help make your decision a little easier, we’ve compared MyoMaster’s premium massage gun, the MyoPro to the Pulseroll Pro.

MyoPro Vs Pulseroll Pro: Which is the Best?

Which Massage Gun is the Right One For Me?

There are plenty of massage guns on the market that offer all the bells and whistles but we know what you really care about is stall force, head attachments and of course, price. 

Stall Force

Stall force is the amount of force it takes to stop the massage gun’s motor. So when you want to get really deep and target those niggling knots, you need a high stall force. Go for the Pulseroll Pro and you’ll get 50lbs of stall force, but choose the MyoPro and you’ll get 60lbs. No one wants their massage gun conking out right when they need it the most, so we know which we’d choose.


Massage Heads

Having multiple massage heads to choose from is key to ensuring you can use your muscle massage gun anywhere on your body. From warming up large muscle groups to targeting deep knots, the MyoPro comes with eight massage heads as standard. Unfortunately the Pulseroll Pro only delivers four.


Expensive doesn’t always equal high quality. At MyoMaster we want to put professional recovery technology in the hands of anyone who needs it. That’s why you can get the MyoPro for just £199, while the Pulseroll Pro will set you back £224. 

Ready to make the MyoPro yours? Order today and start taking your recovery seriously.